5 Important Tips to Crack IIT Exams

5 Important Tips to Crack IIT Exams

Passing the IIT competition exam is itself a big achievement. Thousands of youth across India and NRIs appear for the exam and only a few of them qualify for. The level of competition is higher here. Graduates from IIT are offered with excellent lifestyle and myriad of opportunities. It is why youth whose aim is to become an engineer would like to qualify the IIT exam. If your dream is to become an IIT pass out student, below are some guidelines to follow.

Start Preparation Earlier

The best time to start preparation of IIT exams is when you are in class 9th. You may be thinking it is too early, but it is not. At that time, you will have to clear your basics and shouldn’t have any doubt related to mathematics and science. From class 9th, the fundamental of science and maths are taught to students. These fundamentals help a lot during your 10th, 11th, 12th and IIT exams. If your base is stronger, it will be easy for you to understand and simplify the advanced level of science and mathematics.

Go through Your 11th and 12th Course of Studies Thoroughly

You shouldn’t have any doubt related to your 11th and 12th course of studies. In other words, complete your course books. IIT exams are more so related to your 12th subjects. If you have a good understanding of each subject, it will be easy for you to qualify for the IIT exam.

Keep Yourself Away from Too Many References

NCRT books and the books referred by experts should be used to prepare for the exam. Getting multiple references can confuse you. Read those books that thoroughly covers the syllabus of the exam and suit your learning style.

Join an IIT Coaching Institute

Look for a coaching institute in your area that has excellent records. You can take help from Google or search engines to locate in IIT coaching center. There are many coaching institutes which have their branches in many parts of India and abroad. If you are living in the UAE, look for an IIT coaching in Dubai. Sometimes offline coaching is better than online coaching. If your local area provides coaching for IIT, it is better to join it. The best time to join a coaching institute for IIT is when you are in 11th. You will get sufficient time to practice and refine your skills. After your 12th, a year gap is enough to prepare for engineer tests. If you start early preparation, it will be beneficial for you. It will not become a burden.

Take a Break from Studies Instead of Studying Continuously

You may have read interviews of IIT toppers who claim that they have studies 14-15 hours daily. It may motivate you. But the fact is that it is difficult to dwell such long hours for studies. You should take proper sleep and diet. At the same time, your mind also needs rest and revive from the daily monotonous time table. So, it is good to take a break for at least 1 hour daily and go for outings with friends. It will refresh your mind and give you the energy to focus more on your studies.

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