Career Opportunities in Architecture in India 2019

Career Opportunities in Architecture in India 2019

Architects are the magicians behind the magic of beautifully and aesthetically designed buildings. Do you also want to be the person behind the creative buildings such as Taj Mahal, Cybertecture Egg-Mumbai? Wondering what is the scope of Architecture?
Here is a list of career opportunities that you can think of after architecture degree:

Architecture Designer:
These professionals are involved in the designs of urban landscapes or building. They create drawings, plans and layouts according to the client’s requirements. They should have communication, creativity and technical skills so that they can utilise the CAD software and design the building according to what was discussed with the client.

Architecture Engineer:
The projected growth of this field is considered to be around 8%. Once the architects have submitted the system prototypes, it is the duty of engineers to analyse it to decrease costs, increase efficiency and enforce adherence of building codes and compliance issues. They must ensure window costs and occupational safety by evaluating the electrical systems which have been proposed. They generally work in an office but visit the construction site in case of inspecting the foundation of the site, layouts and support systems.

Interior Layout Designer:
These professionals by determining the requirements and selecting decorative items, design, coordinate and plan the interior spaces to make them safe, functional and beautiful. It’s their duty to be aware of the inspection regulations and building codes. They are responsible for producing the interior according to the client’s taste and requirements.

Once you have done the course, you can either collaborate with other building and design professionals in a business or work in a design or architectural consultancy or work as a freelancer. Employment opportunities open are in a number of fields such as industrial design, film set design and construction,  commercial interior and green (environmentally-friendly) and ergonomic design.

Architecture Technologists:
An architectural technologist has a wider range of skills and contributes more to the construction and design process. These professionals work closely with building professionals and architects to provide design solutions and services on the projects related to construction. Their job role includes designing the projects, preparing and presenting design via CAD software and traditional methods and then finally negotiating with the clients. Moreover, they evaluate and advise on repairs, reuse, deconstruction, recycle and refurbishment of the buildings.  

Now that you have a list of career opportunities, you  need not think about what to do after an architecture degree. You are good to go with it .One of the best institutes that provide a degree in Architecture is RICS, School Built of Environment. RICS SBE provides a globally accredited degree with a mission to upgrade the standards of Indian Real Estate professionals. They update the curriculum to keep the students engaged with socially responsible activities. Hope this article gave you a clearer picture of your future!

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