Complete Guide On Master’s In Construction Management

Master's In Construction Management

To build a career in construction, engineering and project management, doing Masters in construction management can be a great idea. A degree helps in taking the best construction manager out of you with advanced project management and leadership skills specific to the field. There is a huge scope for candidates having a graduate degree in architecture or civil engineering; they qualify for senior positions in the industry.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects an 11% increase in job growth for construction managers through 2026.

This undoubtedly huge gap can be filled by skilled professionals only. The scope for people who are looking for a job in management or operations sector is immense.

While thinking of doing masters, one of the major thoughts that run through the mind is, “Should I do it?”. Here’s the answer to your “should”. MBA in construction management in India is one unique field with broad career opportunities. Students interested in the field of architecture, engineering, and building technologies are most attracted and benefited from this degree. Masters in this specific field helps in imparting skills in budgeting, scheduling, project management, and leadership. Once you are completed with the degree, following occupations are common and considered as a career:

1. Construction Manager

These professionals take care of the construction project from start to finish, i.e., from planning to supervising. A bachelor’s degree is a minimum requirement; however, for advanced positions candidates with a master’s degree are preferred. The average salary of Construction manager comes around 9 Lakhs per annum.

2. Cost Estimator

These professionals create specs to help manufacturers, service providers, contractors estimate the material, labor, money and time needed to complete the project. The annual average salary of a cost estimator is around 5 Lakhs.

3. Civil Conceptualizer

Civil designers or conceptualizers formulate the strategy of the new infrastructure that will support a city’s public services and core functions including airports, railways, and water supply system.

4. Top Executives

These require many of the same project management and leadership skills as construction managers. These include CEOs and general operation managers. Their average salary comes up to around 13 Lakhs per annum

While looking for a university to do masters in construction management, several factors come into play such as completion time, cost and faculty. Students should also consider location when considering a master’s in construction management, including the cost of living, quality of life, and employment opportunities in the surrounding area.

RICS SBE offers the top construction project management courses. They make sure that the students get the exposure of the industry along with the course. Moreover, once the course is completed, 100+ companies get invited for the placement, and students get placed with good packages in hand. Thus, education could be the key to unlocking the potential of your construction experience, so go ahead and enroll yourself to the best college.

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