Education Trends Sure to be Witnessed in Future

Education Trends Sure to be Witnessed in Future

As we all know, the current educational system is somewhat outdated. Yes, there are some innovations done under this sector like the schools and colleges use number of educational technologies nowadays such as smartboards, artificial intelligence software, Augmented and Virtual Reality systems, etc. Every year, the growth in the Ed tools is expected to rise.

For the past decade, the main goal of education was to impart the necessary education on common subjects like history, English, Math and so on. But in the coming years, the roots of education will not be only limited to these subjects but there will be much more to grab. In the coming Educational wheel, the students will witness a chunk of tech advancements.

Amongst all the up-shown developments in the educational sector, some of these will also become the past of futuristic education system.

Let’s see the trends –

  1. The students will communicate to other students remotely – Some of the great educational scientists are of the view that in the coming era, the students will interact to the students of other classrooms and teachers remotely. For example, if the students want to get assignment help from teachers, they can connect to the numerous teachers at distant places outside the educational premises. Not only this but also the students will be able to have talk with the renowned scientists and knowledge experts to foster their learning skills. This can help the scholars to become digital-native kids who in future can transform in to the brilliant teachers and will be successful in running their own communities of teaching online.
  2. Teachers will always be important – Yes, it is expected that the students will reach their schools by self-driving cars, but that doesn’t mean that there will any digital teaching avatars in the future who will teach the children. The new educational technology will propose new ways to supplement the outstanding learning experiences to kids.

Any technology has its value when it is combined with the human factor. “Online” is the cure for all the educational problems. So, teachers will always be an integral and indispensable part of the education processes.

3. Students will have a say – In the previous education system, the students were asked to sit down and study and don’t ask questions. A co-founder of Revolution Foods, Kristen Saenz Tobey once sat down in the school cafeteria and asked kids about the meals they get at the school premises. For this, they answered by showing one of their dishes that was offered to them and asked, “Does this dish look like it is prepared for someone who they have respect for?”

Tobey said “if the students feel disrespected and not heard then they will never expect anything from the school authorities.

An app is going to be launched to impart kids’ info about nutrition, watching the menu and provide the daily feedback. This way the students will feel heard.

4. Museums as learning points – With the technologies like augmented reality, 3D printers, and sensors, museums will be used as learning hubs in the near future. It will facilitate immersive learning on versatility of subjects. This new learning hub will act as equalizers because it will provide same access limits to everyone.

5. Digital flex books – The textbooks are expected to be replaced by the digital flex books. The 2020 students will create and construct their own learning sources and materials. With the project-based learning system, the teachers and students will become easy to be approachable with the help of Open-source materials.

6. Peer-to-peer learning – Soon the students will become their own mentors and self-education system will soon become a part of educational process. Also, students will help the peers in learning processes and also, they will help their peers in solving their learning problems. Students who have potential cognitive abilities will be paired up with the weak students. Such collaboration will not only be limited to the single class or schools but to the distant educational institution’s students.

7. Teachers who will read minds – Advanced neural headsets and face-coding algorithms will help the teachers to gauge and inspect the expressions of the students how they feeling after getting the requires lecture. Are they still confused on the topic; do they have any problem on the given lecture? The teachers will read the minds of the students with the help of face-code algorithms that are likely to be introduced by the year 2020.

8. Classroom Robots – In the coming era, the robots will act as effective teacher helpers. It does not mean that they will take the place of the teachers. But the Robots will be used for speech recognition and motion tracking. As for instance, no child admits his or her mistake that he has committed anything bad but they feel happy to correct someone’s else mistake so in those situations’ robots will do the favor. The Robots will be programmed to check which students are committing errors and who learn from correcting their errors.

9. Exams might not be the valid measure to monitor student’s performance – As the courseware of the educational platform will change, also the measuring scales for the student’s progress will be changed. The Q&A system will get changed. The factual knowledge will be accessed throughout the academic session during their learning process. So, the old systems won’t be used to check out the progress of the students.

The education systems should always be reshaped with the coming new technologies, only then the learning will be useful for the students. The educational scientists are thinking out of the box to improve the educational technologies and methodologies in future. So, in the future, students will learn much from the outside educational sources and skills will also not be assessed on papers.


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