Helpful Tips To Homeschool Preschoolers


With an increasing number of parents opting for homeschooling their kids upon realization of how traditional schooling is no longer fulfilling the purpose of education, it is also important to understand that the sooner, the better policy would be best for homeschooling the children.

Why not give them a more liberating environment to study from the start than shift them from a constricted time bound schedule to force them to make the adjustments?


It is a known fact that at the age of three, a child’s brain is 80% developed, which means they are ready to explore the world through education. Let us discuss why should you homeschool your preschoolers and what all tips would be helpful in enriching the homeschool experience.

Kids at this age have a tough time dealing with the traditional schooling schedule. With homeschooling, you can have a relaxed schedule.

While the traditional school has a limited and restricted curriculum, homeschool gives you the opportunity to teach them whatever you wish to. Your child can gain profound knowledge of the subject they seem inclined towards.

Tips for homeschooling homeschoolers

Make the area safe:  

Safety should be your number one priority when teaching kids these ages. Make it a point to baby proof the are you are designating for schooling the kids. Keep safe toys along with the books. 


You don’t have to frame a strict curriculum for your preschooler’s learning. All you need are interactive learning tools in the form of toys or objects that they can learn from and about. When it comes to complex concepts like those in mathematics or preschool phonics curriculum, we would suggest you distribute it throughout the day so that it is easy to learn and memorize.

Interesting ways:

Talking about interactive tools, you can add a color book, flashcards, workbook and worksheet, in adequate quantity as this can help them think creatively.

Incorporate Socialisation:

Considering you kid is going to be dispensed education at home, the scope of socialization is confined to parents and siblings. We would suggest you take them to the nearest parks or gaming arena so that they can socialize with kids their age. It is important that apart from their education, you also work on your child’s social development.

Here we are also going to share with you certain concepts that as a parent of a preschooler you should make sure they learn:

  • Able to pronounce alphabets and identify the sounds they make
  • Able to count up to twenty;
  • Write alphabets and numbers;
  • Able to understand colors, shapes, sizes;
  • Able to recite what they are just told.

If you are a new parent of a preschooler, and instead of sending them off to a public or private school, you wish to homeschool them, we would suggest you should start early. Regularly stay updated with the homeschooling blogs you find helpful in your journey where you have to assume the role of a teacher and have to take care of every minuscule thing about helping them steer ahead. Take, for instance, preschool phonics curriculum, preparation for which you can do by consulting these homeschool services.

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