IIM Ahmedabad Interview Experience | How To Crack IIM Interviews

IIM Ahmedabad Interview Experience | How To Crack IIM Interviews

This is a re-enactment of an actual IIM Ahmedabad interview experience!

IIM Ahmedabad is every CAT aspirant’s dream – an opportunity of a lifetime to pursue management education from one of the top institutes in India and even the world. However, getting into IIM Ahmedabad is not easy. Not only do you have to have a stellar academic background, and a high CAT percentile but you also need to crack the IIM Ahmedabad interview, which is a major challenge in itself.

Ganesh Mahidhar, an IIT Hyderabad graduate who worked with BPCL as a management trainee for two years, had a highly technical IIM Ahmedabad interview. He was grilled on questions from his work experience, as well as on his subjects in under graduation. The interview panel decided to deep-dive into Ganesh’s profile and even questioned him at length about his hobbies and extracurricular activities.

Here is a video re-enactment of Ganesh Mahidhar’s IIM Ahmedabad interview experience

Here is a brief excerpt from Ganesh’s IIM Ahmedabad interview that can give you a glimpse into the type of questions asked in an IIM interview:

P: So you are a mechanical engineer. What is honors?

G: The honors program at IIT Hyderabad involves two M.Tech level courses in the fifth and sixth semester and a project in the seventh and eighth semester, which is usually a research project.

A: So your publication is from that?

G: No sir. It is from an earlier work I did in my second-year summer and through my third year.

A: So what was that about?

G: There is this material called GFRP- Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic with high strength by weight ratio. These panels are generally used in aircraft wings and ship hulls. We were trying to determine the effect of stiffening on these panels and their compressive strength.

P: Okay, coming back, you’re a mechanical engineer. So I always had a doubt. How did these steam engines work?

G: Sir, I’m not exactly aware, but I’d guess that they worked with the help of a piston arrangement in a chamber. The fluid, in this case, steam, expands and there is a reciprocating motion that is generated in the engine.

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Ganesh had the gravitas and the confidence to answer every question that was thrown at him, and he performed well in his IIM Ahmedabad interview and converted it!

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