Top 10 Scholarship Programs in USA


You planned to study abroad, first thing trigger in your mind is expenses the second is where to live, what about our personal expenses and job.

Obviously, every other person dream of exploring the world, learning new aspects and experiencing new environment.

The hardest part to decide which program is available for each year and is it suitable for us. Whether you want to pursue a Master degree or a bachelor one is questionable when it’s about money.

But do not worry the competition is tough however, changes of getting a scholarship is endless. If it is not the one you dreamed of the other is here to give you full funded one.

Table of Contents

Government funded programs for international students. 2

1.         Foreign Full Bright Students Program.. 2

2.         Humphrey fellowship program.. 2

Master degree scholarship programs for international students. 2

3.         NCCA Postgraduate scholarship program.. 2

4.         American-Scandinavian foundation. 3

US Colleges and University for international student 3

5.         AU Emerging Global Leader scholarship Program.. 3

6.         AVVO Scholarship Program.. 3

7.         Annual CGtrader scholarship. 4

8.         College Week Live. 4

9.         Clark University Scholarship. 4

10.      Agha Khan Foundation International Scholarship Programme. 5

Concluding. 5

Government funded programs for international students

1.     Foreign Full Bright Students Program

The best opportunity for international students to pursue a full scholarship program is there for you to grab. You can easily apply for Master level or post graduate level studies. The funding gives you facilities such as tuition fees, text books, airfare, living expenses and health insurance.

2.     Humphrey fellowship program

This scholarship is not for degree programs but to gain academic awareness in US. This program is of 10 months where they would expose to knowledge and study in institutes nationwide.

Master degree scholarship programs for international students

3.     NCCA Postgraduate scholarship program

Are you a sport person, you are NCCA athlete aiming to enrolled in a master program can be selected as postgraduate scholarship program. To grab this opportunity you need to excel in academic as well as athletic career during their undergraduate program.

To work on this following scholarship one should check for their deadline and see further details in the given website.

4.     American-Scandinavian foundation  

The America Scandinavian foundation give students grant to pursue the research, degree or arts projects in Scandinavian. Each award or scholarship number can vary year to year so their Scandinavian countries can avail it through one year.

The students who get succeeded in this program may complete the graduate program and construct well driven projects that can surely make you stay.

US Colleges and University for international student  

5.     AU Emerging Global Leader scholarship Program

The basis of this program is to give opportunity to any international undergraduate students. However, this program relies on merit base scholarships.  They are dedicated team who shower scholarships to high achiever so people who are interested need to be prepare for all the circumstances. And through this program what you learned and experienced can be shared to their homeland by social change.

6.     AVVO Scholarship Program

You have done majors in a law University you are finding scholarships for further education. AVVO scholarship program is there for you. Why not try the JD law scholarship program. Moreover, students who have decided to practice Law and trying ways to get into the best Universities can also grab this opportunity. AVVO has designed this program for future solicitors and lawyers to transform and make them create an environment full of justice and free from legal issues.

This program consist of two major grant one for JD Law students and other for undergraduate Law students.

7.     Annual CGtrader scholarship 

Are interested in technology? Do love getting update of new trends and how will it impact the future industries then why don’t you try CGtrader scholarship program.

The biggest 3D content provider CGtrader has owned online 3D model market place which has done customised modelling 3D solutions for enterprise customers.

If you desire to avail this opportunity why not starts in this year 2019. As each year they grant students to dip into the field of technology and write informative essay writing about ‘The future of real world environment with Augmented Reality’

Just enter the scholarship program in 2019 to avail $3000 for educational bills. The one who been selected will get $2000 award and the two runner up will avail $500 each.

8.     College Week Live

This program will make your dreams come true. The college of your dream will not be just a dream it can turn into a reality. How? By signing in to CollegeWeekLive the next step is simple just visit any 3 colleges of your choice and if you win then you will be awarded a specific amount every month. Then, what are you waiting for.

9.     Clark University Scholarship

The criteria of scholarship in Clark University are the applicant should be a first year student who have completed the 4 years in an overseas school or the one who is the international citizen living in USA.

The scholarship program believes to spread global education with in the premises of Clark University. Its aim is to set learning environment for not just the citizen of Massachusetts but all over the world student can grab the opportunity. The university brings you not just one but two scholarship programs for international students. Two of them are,

  • International Traina Scholarship
  • International Achievement Scholarship

10.  Agha Khan Foundation International Scholarship Programme  

Students who further want to study Master level program or want to do PhD in scholarship then you might consider leaning on Agha Khan Programme.

They target students who are located in developing countries; they are notable to meet their expenses but dream big. They can go for post graduate program as per their successful approval can have 50% grand award for scholarship.

Note the details that the tuition fees, living expenses are there responsibility only.   Travelling is not included. Moreover, the PHD scholarship is valid up till first two years only after those students must go for other alternative.


Many students go for scholarship as they want to feel free from expenses and other elements that stop them to achieve the dream. However, now the Universities have given opportunities for students anywhere in the country to get equal amount of knowledge and learning like others.  The buy essay online has also taken an initiative to spread education globally and help those students who not able to get proper form of education.  

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