Top 5 Colleges to do a Course in Construction Management or Real Estate


With the increasing focus of development in the country, there is also a simultaneous rise in the need for infrastructure and Construction Management program. It is projected that by 2020, there will be a whopping investment of INR 39 Lakh crores in urban infrastructure! Hence, those planning to pursue a career in construction or real estate need to be equipped with multidisciplinary knowledge about the various aspects of Construction Management and trained for project analysis, cost estimation, resource management, safety, labor efficiency, quality assurance, and information systems, as well as sustainable management. Hence, the requirement for courses in Construction project management in India has risen in demand because it offers lucrative career options & PMI-GAC accredited onesHere are the top 5 colleges to do a course in Construction Management or real estate basis on detailed research of infrastructure, course curriculum, faculty, and placement.

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RICS - School of Built Environment (SBE), Amity University

CoursesEstablished in 2013, RICS SBE is India’s first and leading school of built environment which is driven by the industry and offers specialised undergraduate and postgraduate courses in construction, real estate, and infrastructure. RICS SBE is supported by the Ministry of Urban Development, India and has been associated with 500 leading real estate and construction companies. Over these years, RICS SBE has nurtured more than 2500 students with best-in-class skills, incomparable professionalism, world-class knowledge, and a positive attitude. RICS SBE placement has a record of successfully placing more than 1700 students at attractive packages in some of the leading companies in the industry. RICS School has two campuses in Noida and Mumbai - offering top-notch infrastructure and learning capabilities.

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NICMAR - National Institute of Construction Management and Research

The school is known for its training, research, professionalism and skill development among students seeking careers in the construction and allied industries. NICMAR is also accredited by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India as “Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (SIRO)”. The school has four campuses offering graduate and postgraduate courses in Pune, Hyderabad, Goa, NCR, and Mumbai.

School of Planning and Architecture

Built in 1941 in Delhi, the school has been promoting research, education and consultancy services in the human habitat and environment field. The school offers specialized graduate and postgraduate courses in different aspects of human habitat and environment, as well as provides them with industry-best outlook and skills.

CEPT University

Located in Ahmedabad, CEPT University provides competent educative, research and advisory training in designing, planning constructing and managing human habitats. It comprises of five faculties that provide comprehensive training in architecture, planning, technology, design, and management. It offers graduate, postgraduate, as well as doctoral courses to students from all over the world.

Indian School of Business (ISB)

A world-class school in Asia and known for its management courses, ISB also has a focused program - Advanced Management Program for Infrastructure (AMPI) that imparts comprehensive knowledge to students across strategic planning, finance, economics, law, social and environmental issues, public policy and other aspects related to infrastructure and development. It is a rigorous and challenging program for 12 months, which is offered on a part-time basis to encourage professionals to combine work and education to do better.

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With increasing prospects in this industry, individuals have strong career opportunities in construction management and real estate which can be nurtured through realistic and driven courses.

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