Why do degrees in computers make sense today more than ever?

September 24, 2020

As the world flexes with new ways to survive in a pandemic-struck world, the relevance of technology and related academic programmes have seen a significant surge. Degrees related to computers and their application are considered viable today. The importance of a degree that involves the knowledge of computers or its application never witnessed a downfall […]

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Why Should You Choose a Career in IT

January 24, 2020

Let me put things in place for you! It’s Ireland, the sun is sparkling for as far back as week, that can mean just a single thing – The Leaving Cert has arrived. With a huge number of students sitting the leaving this year, I take a gander at a portion of the reasons we […]

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construction project management

Significance OF CPM And CEQS FOR Civil Engineers And Architects

November 11, 2019

According to the report in Economic Times, the construction and real estate sector together is the second-largest employment provider in the country. Due to the increasing demand for urban development and infrastructure, there are a lot of opportunities in these two sectors. As per the National Skill Development Council (NSDC), the construction and real estate […]

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How good are the placements of RICS SBE Amity?

September 30, 2019

Established in 2013, RICS School of Built Environment is an industry-led academic institute. It delivers specialized postgraduate and undergraduate programs to students who aspire to work in construction, real estate, and infrastructure sector. The institute also serves as a hub for development and research of technical expertise in the built environment. RICS SBE is supported […]

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Activity Plan for ICAI Exams

Activity Plan for ICAI Exams – CA Final | CA IPCC | CA Inter

May 20, 2019

When you have pursued your idea shrewd/subject astute status and have recognized the last subtleties, it’s a perfect chance to come back to those parts (if possible search for authorities’ help). By doing this you will improve your chances of discovering answers for those sorts of request right. On an increasingly broad scale you will […]

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