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Do you fancy watching movies? There is only anyone who doesn’t like to watch movies, in fact, it is the most popular hobby of many of us. This is not only about today’s generation since it has been the equivalent as those times when one had to wait for all Sunday for a move to be telecasted. There were no cable links to keep aside an internet connection.

There used to be only one channel that is Door darshan that used to telecast show once in a week only. But now times have improved, now keep aside cable connection with the help of internet connection you can watch a movie everywhere and anytime on your mobile phones only.

Gratitude to technology every hand these days have smartphones. There is plenty of movie apps available for Android users which can quickly be downloaded from 9xmovies 2019, these apps are a large and vast library of movies from all throughout the world.

They have movies of every kind and every etymology. Whether you want to see Hollywood, Bollywood or Hollywood, you describe it and they have it. In fact, there is one such app with the name of 9x movies, through which you can view Hollywood and Tollywood films in the dubbed version.

9xMovies App: A Blessing to Movie Lovers

9x movies app is one of its class, it has a large library of movies from all the classes and languages. Not only you can view your favourite movies online, but this app is also for those who love to see action and show of Hollywood movies but fail to do so because of language restriction.

Now with the aid of 9x movies app that you can simply download from the vid mate app download for mobile, you can see movies from other languages in your own style. Now you require not to ask your friend to interpret your favourite Hollywood movie for you just download this app and use the action-packed drama of Hollywood movies.

The Incredible Hollywood:

All of us will concede to the fact that kind of performance is shown on Hollywood movies, Bollywood can nevermore match the same and the comfort with which they show passionate stories are unmatchable and seeing all such things in your own language is nothing short of a miracle.

Bollywood also can’t tell the unrealistic yet most exciting fights of Tollywood movies, they are perfect when it comes to action orders of another, level and when you get to understand all this in your own language then entertainment value increases to hundred times.


With the help of such apps, seeing movies has become more interesting and enjoyable. To run these applications all you require is an internet connection. The image and sound quality of these apps are marvellous and ad-free entertainment adds the cherry on the cake.

While seeing movies through these apps you don’t get interrupted by annoying advertisements, moreover, these apps allow you to interrupt the movie, so there is no risk that you will miss even single discussion of your favourite movie. So next time when you need to watch any Hollywood movie and takes a move back due to language restriction, download 9xmovies and experience the movie.

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