What will Education be like in 100 years?


To face a crowd of people is not a child’s play. We need confidence, determination and an urge to go at a stage. Many of us have heard of an idiom people prefer to be in a coffin as compared to be given speech in a funeral.

What is new to come in education? This is every one’s talk of the town. Education today has been so much changed as learning and teaching evolve more often. Many educational institutes have changed the structure of their teaching style to its modern day of observing knowledge. So, people are wondering what the learning pattern will be in 100 years.

The future foresees many transitional changes in education platforms. Why the change is necessary in educational areas? Well, if we are up to date to technology advancement and new techniques implemented in industries. Our generation need to have keen knowledge about every technology out there and know-how of how the world be operated.

We are going to a phase where students are emphasising to reinforce and have intellectual conversation between industrial CEO’s and COD and work with them. To drive future credentials.

By the views of many professors and intellectual speakers 100 years of education will tend to be in a chair where students would enjoy and relax the environment that will automatically make them read. 

Table of Contents

·      Students are changing the education. 2

·      Globalised with the world. 2

·      Digitalised kids will invade the education. 3

·      Teach more about the world they live in. 3

·      Teachers being replaced by robots. 4

·      Information will be the stuff that we just know.. 4

Final verdict 5

·       Students are changing the education

Well, todays and in the past we have seen teachers coordinating with students to facilitate them and teach them the basics. But in 100 years we will see a shift in these thinking. The role will convert to teachers being mentored by students. The assignment writing services uk has seen the shift of learning and educational transformation through a keen eye and is also predicting this will simultaneously be faster and productive in the 100 years. 

The learning patterns have drastically changes as in today. For future there is lot to explore. The predictions believe that students will drive their own way of learning but the teachers will be there to facilitate.

·       Globalized with the world

Today’s world is already globalized with each other. The companies are operating their operations, client’s inquiries and customers’ interaction through Wi-Fi. The technology has opened many options for people to feel the world. One can easily see the atmosphere of a classroom of England and can hear and even communicate with them. The international collaboration is just at a starting point. The educational criteria are changing to more modernised way just like a method introduced lately called flip classroom. Many can just predict a teacher from dissertation writing service can give knowledge to students residing in Africa. We can just imagine what tech education will be like and how much it will be transformed. 

·       Digitalised kids will invade the education

If we predict how will be the kids of future well, then we are not wrong about how digitalised they will be. In 100 years, when everything will be electronic the students will be too. There will be the tech kids who will have the mind of an AI. According to hnd assignment help uk, the digitalised atmosphere has benefit them so much that the quality of writing is rapidly increased with a AI system injected to work with the professional writers so that productivity may increase. 

 Kids will have critical skills, logically diagnose difficult scenarios and become the entrepreneurs at young age. We will see IT experts at every home or schools where kids will easily be working on software and be even having knowledge of codes to the software. Today’s kids are exploring such skills and techniques to use machines and be the experts of the future generations.

·       Teach more about the world they live in

If we talk about how the world got into shape and how humans get created the experience of quantum computers have made it possible. Today, scientists are exploring the ways of origin of living, life of death and much more. The future will be more than we have ever imagined. In the future year’s education will teach students to behave accordingly with how the world revolves around. It will be about how to be social, how the environment is changing and what we need to do to tackle such situations. Today’s do not think to change the setting of the world can’t make any differences. What is true is next 100 years will make our kids learn how to be a supporting agent to give a meaningful explanation about the world?

·       Teachers being replaced by robots

Well, as how the technology is invading in our homes, universities, work place and even in washrooms, our light bulbs and each everything we use. Then what will be the future of education we can all imagine. First, adding technology in education was just a buzz word or out of our imagination. We did not even think that text books would be replaced by digital books, E-Learning would grasp a gear in the teaching platforms. But now, this all things can be see not so much however, little by little. We can automatically predict teachers who were humans will be converted into smart robots, which means there will be robots who would teach human kids.  Everything would be digitalised, laptops and IPad would be all over the classroom.

·       Information will be the stuff that we just know

Students at 2019, learn, get information about the particular thing and then behave accordingly. But in the future of 100 years kids will adapt and change with a time, knowledge will be inborn in them. The educational criteria of today are just injecting information through our brains and read out what others have experienced before. In 100 years education will transformed to be inborn the knowledge we will gain, the information which we inject all will be inborn. The education will be helpful to take out the inborn knowledge and be a supporting hand to implement and adopt them for different roles. That, what will change the whole criteria of education and learning.

Final verdict

If we think we can predict what is going to happen next 100 years then we are foolish. Obviously, no one can predict what is going to happen for the next day or next hour. However, we can do it by our assumptions and our knowledge. Moreover, the world where we live is each time; each day is evolving rapidly with no breaks and stopping. So,  whatever we are seeing is continuously growing and changing  what lies ahead of us in the next fifty years is unpredictable not unimaginable.

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