Why do degrees in computers make sense today more than ever?


As the world flexes with new ways to survive in a pandemic-struck world, the relevance of technology and related academic programmes have seen a significant surge. Degrees related to computers and their application are considered viable today. The importance of a degree that involves the knowledge of computers or its application never witnessed a downfall and at a time where the entire world is heavily reliant on computers, the demand is expected to only rise. Besides B.Tech in Computer science which is a 4-year course, one can also go for the Bachelor in Computer Application (BCA) which a three-year undergraduate degree programme for aspirants who wish to delve into the world of Computer languages. BCA is a popular choice among students who have an interest in the basic architecture of the computer and various specialised subjects like networking, database, etc.

Aspirants who dream of making their career in Information Technology, and want to work as programmers or software developers can pursue this programme. Divided into six semesters, this programme renders the knowledge of subjects, such as data structure, networking, database, core programming languages like ‘C’, ‘C++’, and ‘java’. This course offers a wide range of career opportunities for students who want to make careers in the I.T. field

What is expected of an emerging Indian university?

BCA course is concentrated on building skills and expertise in computer application development and IT administration. The curriculum of BCA may vary from university to university but at large it includes core courses on contemporary and emerging technologies. New age universities in India include many core courses on contemporary and emerging technologies and also offer Redhat, Cisco, ORACLE, and IBM certifications.

Since the Indian education system has gone through a significant shift, the emerging universities in India stress on concepts and theories learned in real-life work situations with a project-driven internship. They develop professionals with an emphasis on real-industry exposure. Their unique interdisciplinary curriculum prepares students for emerging careers in data analytics, cloud computing, cybersecurity, Robotic process automation, etc. If you are lucky and get a place in a university that allows you to undertake one semester in a partner international university, the much-needed international exposure will be given as an added incentive Such universities are not only making a way in the metropolitans of the country but smaller towns have also seen an upsurge of the opening of renowned and reputed colleges/universities. One such private university in Jaipur is JK Lakshmipat University, which in the short term has gained immense reputation owing to its world-class curriculum and practices.

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